Frequently Asked Questions

  • These are some common questions about AmeriCorps, FRYSC Corps and becoming a member. If your question is not answered here, contact us!


​How do I become a FRYSC Corps/Americorps member?
  • All FRYSC Corps members start by completing an application. You can get an application by contacting us with your name, your email address and the county or counties you are hoping to serve. We will be in touch to let you know about possible service sites and instructions to complete our application.

What benefits are available to AmeriCorps members?
  • AmeriCorps members receive an education award upon completing a service term. Members in our literacy corps receive a living allowance. Eligible members may receive health insurance, student loan forbearance and child care cost assistance.

    • 2018 living allowance & education award amounts:

      • 1700 hour term: $13,732 (LA) & $5,920 (EA)

      • 1200 hour term: $9,612 (LA) & $4,144 (EA)

      • 900 hour term: $6,866 (LA) & $2,960 (EA)

      • 675 hour term: $2,255 (EA)

      • 450 hour term: $1,566 (EA)

      • 300 hour term: $1,252 (EA)

What are the service requirements for an AmeriCorps member?
  • FRYSC Corps offers 1700, 900 and 300 hour service terms. Please contact FRYSC Corps about details.

  • Full-time members serve 1700 hours

  • Half-time members serve 900 hours

  • Minimum-time members serve 300 hours 

  • Full and Half time members tutor students to become better readers

  • Minimum-time members address food insecurity in their community

  • All members help their site to eliminate non-academic barriers to learning

  • All members connect community partners, volunteers and schools to help meet needs

How many terms may I serve with AmeriCorps programs?
  • You may earn up to 2 full education awards. Half-time and quarter-time members may serve more than 2 terms until they reach the equivalent of 2 full education awards.

  • You must successfully complete your service terms to receive an education award. Partial awards are only given if there are well-documented allowable personally compelling circumstances.

Are there special requirements or skills needed to become a FRYSC Corps member?
  • You must be a US citizen or legal permanent resident.

  • You must agree to and complete a criminal history check. We cannot offer positions to those with violent felonies, sex offenses or abuse or neglect of a child. 

  • 18 years or older to be a literacy tutor. Youth members must be 17 years of age.

  • High school graduate or equivalency. A college degree is preferred for literacy corps members. Youth members must agree to graduate high school.

  • An honest desire to work with students, teachers and families every day

  • The ability to learn how to tutor students

What is the criminal history check?
  • ​​A COMPLETE criminal history check is required of all members BEFORE they can be enrolled in the FRYSC Corps and begin service.
  • Checks are initiated in the applicant's state of residence and state of service (if different), a national sex offender registry check and a national fingerprint check. All checks are completed through True Screen and Field Print.
  • The FRYSC Corps is responsible for the cost of these checks.
  • True Screen and Field Print will contact you by email after FRYSC Corps submits the request for your check.
  • The applicant must promptly complete requests for information from True Screen. If you do not complete the request for your information is not completed you will be disqualified from service.
  • The applicant must create an appointment and travel to the Field Print location closest to them. Missed appointments may disqualify you from service. 
  • Your offer and enrollment will be based on your criminal history check results. We cannot offer positions to those convicted of violent felonies, sex offenses or a record of abuse or neglect of a child.
How can my Family Resource and Youth Services Center become a host site?
  • Applications to be a FRYSC Corps site are usually released in March. Sites are decided by April. Contact Heather Musinski to receive an application.

  • Partner match supports training, tutoring supplies and Corps’ administration. In kind donation of supervision and work space is required. Partner match is currently $5,875 for each literacy member. There is not a cash requirement to host a youth member. 

  • FRYSC Coordinators agree to supervise member activity at the partner site.

  • Sites must agree to provide assessment scores for students receiving FRYSC Corps literacy services.

  • Sites may be asked to identify a control group of students for evaluation purposes.

  • Sites must plan member service to include both tutoring and basic needs support of students.

  • Members may NOT replace existing staff or volunteers.

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