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The mission of the FRYSC CORPS is to place service members committed to serving the children of Kentucky. We are partners with caring families, supportive schools and resource centers, active communities and dedicated volunteers. We provide literacy and professional development opportunities that help K-12 students improve foundational skills creating live-long benefits.

2018-2019 FRYSC Corps

There are currently 23 full and part time members serving across Kentucky in 9 counties, 19 schools and after school programs. Additionally, 19 youth members are serving with 10 partner schools


Back L-R B. Nivar, C. Sallee, H. Musinski, C. Cornett, J. Johns, S. Bormann, L. Nichols, C. Shaffer, M. Grubb, H. Sowder, D. Hardin, S. Gregory


Front L-R A. Lewis, A. Davis, T. Fields, J. Dowell, L. Boyd, D. Lusk, J. Grant, 


Not Pictured - E. Wood, M. Myers, D. Tuggle, S. Koester, K. Stevens

2018 -19 FRYSC Corps

Heather Musinski       FRYSC Corps Grant Manager

heather.musinski @

O: 502.564.4986 ext.3831 

F: 502.564.6108

I've been a manager with FRYSC Corps since November 2006. Since joining FRYSC Corps, I have been tremendously lucky to work with dozens of women and men who go above and beyond to help kids and their communities. One of the things I love the most about FRYSC Corps is getting to know Kentucky and its people. Kentucky is a beautiful state and the people are incredibly kind. I am proud to be part of a team focused on creating a better future for all Kentuckieans through our public schools and nonprofit partners.

Paula Morris           

FRYSC Corps Program Mnager    

O: 502-564-4986 

F: 502-564-6108

I am passionate about the opportunities AmeriCorps provides and believe FRYSC Corps is an excellent way to serve. I began service as a member from 2016 to 2018 when I joined FRYSC Corps.  I am proud to be a part of National Service in Kentucky through the FRYSC Corps program. I hope to have many more years as part of this great Kentucky AmeriCorps legacy.

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2019 FRYSC AmeriCorps

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