Youth Service Corps Information

Introducing YSC Corps!

In 2016 we introduced YSC Corps, which is a group of about 65 high school students serving as 300 hour AmeriCorps members. The student members support their Family Resource and Youth Service Centers, mentor younger students and provide service to their communities while earning an education award they can use towards their college education.

Serve With YSC Corps

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Minimum -Time Service Forms


This is a phone app for tracking your service hours. 

  • Choose a service category

  • T​ype a description of your service

  • Geo tag your location

  • Upload pictures

  • On-site supervisor approval

Your supervisor should assign you one student with whom you will mentor

  • Student should be a freshman or sophomore of same gender

  • You should meet for a total of 18 hours of the course of the school year

  • All meetings should take place at school, during school hours

  • You should track your time and activities on the YSC Corps Mentor Tracking Form

YSC Corps Service Possibilites

There are many things you can do to support the YSC and your community.  Follow this link to see a more comprehensive list.

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2019 FRYSC AmeriCorps

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